Diary Of A Locked Down Comedian Day 23

November 27th 2020

I woke up this morning and headed to my faithful Nespresso machine and, unable to decide I made myself both a Flat White and a Macchiato. Two of my favourite coffees using their Napoli pod. It is the strongest coffee they make, describing it as thick bodied with a pleasant bitter after taste. I’d say that was accurate. I am also biased as it is clearly influenced by the coffee of Naples and Naples is my preferred city for a coffee hunt.

A Very Good Macchiato

I find filling my Richer Sounds mug to just under half way with milk and adding two pods of Napoli makes a near perfect Flat White, although I haven’t quite mastered the milk, the texture of which is a big part of a Flat White. The Macchiato, aaahhh, the Macchiato is a lovely coffee, perhaps my absolute favourite, in Italian Macchiato means to stain, so if you order a Macchiato and they add milk, leave, walk out, no, RUN from the coffee shop in which you find have found yourself, they have no idea how to make one and are about to serve you the worlds smallest Latte.

Rewind a couple of years, it’s 5.15 in the morning and I was in Jamies Italian at Gatwick airport, enjoying a tasty but overpriced sausage bap but not the Macchiato that accompanied it. I tweeted Jamie with a pic accusing them of serving me the smallest latte the world has ever seen. I was surprised to get a direct message back from Jamie. I know, I was as stunned as you are but that is what I call customer service. The man himself was awoken by my tweet and jumped on the case personally. He asked me which of his places I was in and agreed that the Macchiato wasn’t good. I declined to pass on such information, stating I had no intention of getting someone in trouble and perhaps training all his baristas thoroughly would result in a happier Adams. We went back and forth for a while until I messaged Jamie

‘How many of your restaurant are open at five fifteen in the morning?’

Two weeks later I was at the same Jamie’s at Gatwick. I ordered my sausage bap and a Macchiato, yeah, maybe I am a creature of habit. The Macchiato was perfect. I tweet that picture as well! I am not all about the complaint, no matter how much it may be worth. Credit where credit is due. The fact I spend so much of my time writing positive reviews on Google and Trip Advisor means I am allowed a moan now and then.

I love exploring a new city I like seeing the old architecture next to the new, I love watching locals go about their daily business and I love coffee. Finding the best coffee in town comes naturally to me, I have no idea why I am consistently lucky, perhaps there is a Coffee God, He knows I have put in the work, He knows I am passionate and He knows for breakfast I was forced to endure a cruise line coffee! So He guides me.

With The Manager of Gran Caffe Gambrinus

At the same time that finding somewhere new is fun arriving at a firm favourite is always a good way to start my day. So when I am docked in Naples I dodge the rush hour traffic, walk straight past the fort and head for Gran Caffe Gambrinus. It is a stunner, charming, well, in a Neapolitan way, many of Italys’ leading authors, politicians and footballers make this Caffe their second home. But for me, it’s Caffe Suspeso that sets it apart. Suspended Coffee is rumoured to have been created in this great city. It’s a simple idea, pay for two coffees and enjoy only one, leaving the other to be enjoyed by someone less fortunate than yourself. The idea is stunning and I order two every time I am lucky enough to arrive in Naples, I met the Caffe manager the last time I was in the city and even though neither of us spoke each others language we bonded over our love for coffee.

Caffe Sospeso

I’ve enjoyed coffee all over the world, on all seven continents, I should write a book, I might write a book but that would distract me from daily entries into the Diary Of A Locked Down Comedian, which has already distracted me from writing the book about my Dad. I will start something on my coffee Twitter account. That’s an achievable goal. Head over to @MacchiatoToGo and see my favourite coffee haunts and pictures.

Another day I will talk about the people who I enjoy drinking coffee with, maybe even a paragraph or two on those I don’t enjoy coffee with, for now here is something you must know.

My own daughter loves Starbucks. LOVES STARBUCKS, and she wonders why my son is the favourite.

Shots of Coffee: 6
Reading: The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza
Listened to: Radio X
YouTube Tip: Two Kids One Love
Word Count: 824

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